Trouble learning?

Not everyone finds studying easy. That is why, in school, you follow a course that suits your level. With traffic theory, this is not the case. Everyone has to meet the (minimum) requirements to be able to pass the CBR theory exam. For some people this may be hard.

Revising theory

Is studying hard for you, or do you have performance anxiety? Then revising the materials is usually the way to go. With iTheorie, the course adapts itself to your needs. We leave out the subjects you already know and revise the subjects that you find hard. With iTheorie you will keep revising the materials until you know them by heart. This way you build confidence and go to the exam feeling good.

The theory read out loud

You can dread the long texts if you have trouble reading. It can make a difference when you do not have to read it yourself. Within iTheorie, you can have everything read out loud to you. This counts for all the learning materials as well as for the tests and exams.

Theory exam with extra time

At the CBR you can choose for an (extended) exam with extra time. This extended theory exam is for you when you have trouble with reading or when you perform better with more time. You do pay a little more for an extended exam than for a normal theory exam.

to practise with this extra time, on iTheorie you can choose to do extended theory exams. You will get the same amount of time as a real extended CBR theory exam. This way you can also find out if you really need the extra time. Did you finish way before your time ran out, when you practised with us? Then you can still choose a normal exam at the CBR. It saves you money.

Individual theory exam

Besides an extended theory exam (with extra time) you can also choose for an individual theory exam at the CBR. You will get as much extra time as an extended theory exam, but this time you will do the exam in a different room. Here there will be a CBR employee who can help you.

The employee will read everything to you and you will answer on the computer screen. The employee can explain to you how to answer, but obviously will not give you any answers. The employee is not allowed to explain the question further or translate the questions.

This exam is suitable for you if you find a normal or extended theory exam too hard, because you have performance anxiety, autism or other similar difficulties.

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