Performance anxiety theory exam

With performance anxiety you have a fear of not being able to do something. Passing your theory exam for example. Everyone feels the pressure to perform great when you have an exam. Only when you have performance anxiety, this pressure can get in your way. Sometimes this pressure can cripple you and make it so that you suddenly forget everything.

Performance anxiety usually develops because of a negative experience or because you set the bar so high that you can barely meet it. Even if you have studied so well, a few days before the exam, the tension starts to rise and the moment you have to take the exam it has reached its highest and you completely shut down.

Tips for performance anxiety

1. Studying the theory

Of course you start with studying the theory. If you do not know the theory, then you will never pass the CBR theory exam (with or without performance anxiety). Do not get your information from a lot of different places, but learn from one good place. Luckily, iTheorie is the right place to prepare well for your theory exam.

2. Practise exams

On iTheorie you practise the exams in the exact same way the CBR exam goes. This way you do not have to worry about how the real exam looks and goes. And if you pass the practice exams on iTheorie, you will most definitely pass the real CBR theory exam. This one is easier!

3. Individual theory exam

Book an individual theory exam at the CBR. Besides extra time, you will also get an employee appointed to you, who helps you during the theory exam.

4. Still failed?

The worst that can happen is that you failed (again). OF course this is not fun and will cost you money, but the good news is that you can redo the exam in no time. You do not have to wait an entire school year. And on iTheorie you can dust up your knowledge with the free refresher course.

5. Professional help

Have you done more than 4 theory exams and you still did not pass? Maybe it is time to seek professional help. Nowadays, there are a lot of effective therapies to help you with you performance anxiety and to help you influence your thoughts.

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