The best theory course for your students

iTheorie is an online theory course which prepares students for the CBR theory exam down to the least detail. It is a complete learning kit for a car, motorcycle or moped driving licence. iTheorie consists of digital lessons, tests and practice exams. Always up-to-date.

Studying theory

Students start learning out of the digital course book. After every section of theory material follows a series of practice questions. Using these practice questions students can test if they know and understand the previously covered materials. At the end of a subject follows a final practice test. The student has to pass this test to progress to the next subject. Does the student fail? Then the entire subject has to be redone.

Practise theory

After the student has covered all the theory, they will continue practising with practice exams. There are as many as 50 practice exams available. After every exam the student will get a study recommendation. Were there too many mistakes in a certain section, then the student first has to revise that section before they may continue on to the next exam.

Theory lessons

(only available for passenger car)

Besides that, the student will also follow a complete theory course. This course will be given online, by an iTheorie teacher and can be followed via iTheorie on laptop, tablet or smartphone. The course is divided in a couple of theory lessons, each about an hour. During the lessons, the students has the chance to ask questions to the theory teacher.

Refresher course

If the student follows all the recommendations, there is almost no chance of failing at the CBR. But, it could always happen that things go wrong. In that case the student can use the free refresher course. The student can then follow a shortened refresher course.

Guided training

iTheorie is a guided training. this means that the student cannot decide how to study themselves, instead the system itself does so. iTheorie will emphasize what the student does not know well enough yet during the entire course, and repeats it endlessly.

Up-to-date and CBR-like

The lesson materials are updated every day and complies with the same guidelines as the CBR theory exam. The system of the practice exams works in the same way as that of the CBR. This way, there will not be any surprises for the students when they will do the CBR theory exam.

Insights into progress

Via iTheorie, you as a driving school can get insights into the progress (or not) of the theory course of the students. The student has to give permission for this. You can see how far along the student is and which subjects they still have trouble with.

For car, motorcycle and moped

You will purchase an access code for the student. An access code is usable for one of the online courses iTheorie offers. During the first time, the student will be asked which course they want to follow. After this moment, it cannot be changed anymore.

And so much more

iTheorie has too many features to sum up here. Do you want to get to know iTheorie first? This is possible! Send us a message or give us a call using this 038 460 1818 number (on workdays from 09.00 till 17.00).

Sign up for iTheorie

In the driving school section (Dutch only) you can find more information for driving schools and here you can also order iTheorie as a driving school. You can also sign up for free on iTheorie if you do not have an account yet. Signing up for iTheorie does not commit you to anything, the only thing we do is check if you are registered at the Chamber of Commerce and the CBR. Do you have any questions, are you a starting driving school or do you have any problems? Send us a message or give us a call using this 038 460 1818 number (on workdays from 09.00 till 17.00).