Studying the theory with dyslexia

When you have dyslexia, you have a harder time reading (technical) texts. You read words or texts in a different way and you usually need a lot more time. On iTheorie you have a few tools which can be helpful to you.

Reading out lout the theory

All the materials, practice tests and practice exams can be read out loud to you. you do not need separate equipment for this feature. You do not have to put your energy in (technical) reading, but can use this energy to understand what is written.

Dyslexia font

Besides reading out loud, iTheorie also offers to display the texts for the practice exams in a different font. this font is specially designed for people with dyslexia. Keep in mind: This is not something the CBR offers. You can choose if you want to use this feature.

Theory exam with audio

At the CBR you can choose for a(n) (extended) theory exam with more time and audio. You do have to pay extra for an extended theory exam with audio. Do you have an official dyslexia statement? Then you can ask for a refund of the surcharge from the CBR within 14 days. You can practice in the exact same way as at the CBR on iTheorie. You will get more time and all the questions and answer possibilities will be read out loud to you. This way you will be completely prepared for the real CBR theory exam.

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