Taking the CBR practical exam

You must be present about fifteen minutes before the start of your practical exam. You will wait in the waiting room of the exam centre until the examiner calls you.

explanation practical exam

The examiner first introduces himself and explains what is going to happen. He will check your documents and may ask you some questions. He will also check whether you have a valid theory certificate and whether you have filled in the health declaration. You will need to bring the following documents with you to the practical exam:

Without these documents you are not allowed to take a practical exam!

Driving preparation

When everything is in order, you walk out together. First, you undergo an eye test. You have to be able to read the number plate of a stationary car at a distance of about 25 metres. Then the examiner may ask you a few questions about the vehicle with which you are going to do the exam.

Vehicle control (motorcycle only)


There are two types of practical exams for motorcycle driving licences. First, you have to take a separate exam for vehicle control. During this exam, you have to perform several special operations at the examiner's instruction on a closed-off terrain.

Driving exam


The driving exam itself takes about 35 minutes (25 minutes for the moped exam). If you prefer, your driving instructor can come along. The examiner will tell you where to go and what to do. Making a mistake is not a problem, as long as it remains safe. If you turn left once when you should have turned right, is not a reason to fail you. If the examiner has to intervene because you are causing an unsafe situation, then you have failed.


You will not drive on public roads for the brommobiel practical exam. Several special operations must be carried out on the instructions of the examiner on a closed-off terrain.


After the exam, you will walk to the exam centre together. After entering the centre, the examiner will tell you immediately whether you passed or failed. The self-reflection form you filled in and brought along will also be discussed (only for driving licence B).

If you have failed, there will also be a discussion as to why you failed. This way, you can improve on these points for the next exam.

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Further research into driving ability

If you fail more than 4 times within 5 years, you will be given a special exam. This exam takes longer so that the examiner has more time to supervise you. Together with you, the examiner will try to find out why you always fail and try to help you with this.