Practising the theory exam

When you have learnt all the theory, you can start practising for the CBR theory exam. On iTheorie you can practise with practice exams that work the exact same as theory exam at the CBR. There are 50 different practice exams in total.

Contents of the theory exam

The contents of the theory exam is determined by law. Every theory exam has to meet Dutch and European regulations. The function of the practice exams for car, motorcycle and moped are the same as the one from the CBR.

Hazard perception (only for the car theory exam)

For the car theory exam there is a section with questions about hazard perception. These questions do not have texts and always have the same three answers: brake, release the accelerator or do nothing.

What kind of questions will you get with a theory exam?

Every theory exam exists of yes/no questions, multiple-choice questions, questions where you have to fill in a number, drag questions en hotspot questions.

Yes/no questions

With yes/no questions you have to choose between yes or no. There is only one right answer.

Multiple-choice questions

With multiple-choice questions you get multiple answers where one or more are correct. You will have to select all correct answers.

Numeral questions

With numeral questions you have to answer by filling in a number. Pay attention to the unit given. Sometimes you have to answer in meters and sometimes in km/h.

Drag in-the-right-order questions

With drag in-the-right-order questions you have to drag numbered circles to the right position in the picture. The goal is to give the correct order, for example in a priority situation.

Drag to the correct answer questions

With drag to the correct answer questions you have only one circle (with a checkmark) that you have to drag to the correct position. For example, to indicate who can go first in a priority situation.

Hotspot questions

With hotspot questions you have to click on a certain area in an image. For example, you have to click on a traffic sign or the right picture within the image.

Want to take a free test exam?

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