Looking for a driving school

You are free to look for your own preferred driving school to follow driving lessons. You can choose from many driving schools. But what is the best driving school for you? Do you choose for the driving school with the best reviews? Or the cheapest? Or do you want a female instructor?

Stories from friends

Ask your friends (or family) about their experiences with driving schools, if they have them. They will give an honest opinion about a certain driving school or instructor. You can also find many reviews on the internet, but keep in mind that not all of them are honest.

Comparing driving schools

Which driving school will suit you, depends on your preferences. It does not matter which school you choose but go for quality over quantity. It will not just save you a bunch of extra lessons (and therefore money), you also benefit from a great driving course after you have your driving licence.

Driving school information

At the CBR you can also look at the success rate of your driving school. A high success rate indicates that a lot of students pass the CBR practical exam on their first try. The success rate is a quality indicator of your driving school, but it does not tell you everything. It does not necessarily mean that a driving school with a success rate of 70% provides a better lesson quality than a driving school with a success rate of 65%.

Trial lesson

Many driving schools offer a trial lesson. You can follow this lesson without the obligation of purchasing an entire package deal. This way you can get familiar with both the instructors and the vehicle. Sometimes you and your instructor do not get along well. If you have this feeling, it is best to stop your lessons with this instructor and see if your driving school has other instructors (and if you can change from instructors) or try and find a different driving school.

The best driving school

How you can recognize a good driving school:

  • They have good success rate;
  • They can make an indication on how many lessons you are going to need. (around 35);
  • They work with a (digital) lesson card where you can see how far along in the course you are;
  • They have clear rules set around the cancellation of a driving lesson, absence of an instructor or lesson car;
  • They only let you partake in the driving exam whenever you are ready;
  • They have WRM licenced driving instructors who can show you their licence;
  • They have lesson cars with the name of the company visible (which coincide with where you follow your driving course)