Learning the theory

It is best to take the theory exam before or at the beginning of your driving course. You need the theory in practice, just think of the meaning of traffic signs and the rules of priority. If you know the theory, your practical lessons will be more efficient, and you will often obtain your driving licence faster (and cheaper).

Never use one-day courses. you may obtain your theory certificate quickly, but you will soon forget the theory again. As a result you will need many more driving lessons. Sometimes up to ten extra lessons!

The best way to to prepare for your theory exam is to learn the lesson material well. iTheorie will help your learning process by offering you the right materials at the right moment. We will bring structure, so that you only have to focus on learning the theory.

After learning the all the theory you will practise with practice exams. After every practice exam you will get your results and an overview on which chapters went well or could have some improvement. You can then revise the chapters that need some work. Do you pass multiple practice exams in a row? Only then are you ready for the official CBR theory exam.