Driving lesson

You will receive driving lessons from a driving instructor. You are the driver during the driving lessons, but your driving instructor is legally responsible for this. If you (accidentally) do things that are prohibited, your driving instructor will be fined for this. Your driving instructor will also have to arrange insurance for the vehicle. You are therefore never liable for any damage you cause while driving.

Qualified instructor

You are only allowed to drive with an official driving instructor who is actually allowed to give driving lessons. The driving instructor must be qualified. Your driving instructor must be able to show you a licence to this end; an instructor competence card. You can also check your driving instructor's licence at IBKI (Dutch only)

Is your instructor not qualified? Then all (legal) consequences fall on you!

Looking for a driving school

Do you not have a driving school yet? You can choose your own driving school where you follow the driver training. Via iTheorie you can search for all driving school information. Decide what your wishes for a driving school are, and see what driving school fits best. Do not be tempted by offers. Usually cheap ends up becoming expensive!

Duration of driver training

It is not possible to predict exactly how many lessons you will need. Some people need more lessons than others. Your driving instructor can tell you in advance how many lessons an average candidate needs. This way, you have a basic idea. On average, you will need 35 to 40 lessons.

practice exams

When you can drive well independently, your driving instructor will usually practise several practice exams with you. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect during the real driving exam.

Interim exam

Would you like to try a real driving exam? Then you can take an interim driving licence exam. An interim exam works just like a real exam. Afterwards, you will receive tips from the examiner for your actual exam. If you perform the special manoeuvres properly during the interim exam, you no longer need to do them during your real driving exam. However, there are extra costs associated with an interim exam.