Booking the CBR theory exam

After you have learnt the theory, you will take the theory exam at the CBR. This can be done at one of the CBR exam centres throughout the Netherlands. You need to book the exam in advance. You can do this yourself.

Regular, extended or individual theory exams

You take the standard theory exam in an exam room sitting in front of your own touch screen. In addition to the standard exam, you can also opt for other types of theory exams at an additional fee. You must choose the type of theory exam you would like to take before booking the exam.

Theory exams for fear of failure, autism or dyslexia

Do you think you will need more time to answer the exam questions? Then opt for an extended theory exam with extra time. You can also choose to have the theory exam read to you (audio). There is also the possibility to reserve an individual theory exam. A staff member of the exam centre will accompany you during the theory exam.

Theory exams in other languages or sign language

You can also take the theory exam in English or other languages. If you want to take the theory exam in a language other than Dutch or English*, you will need to book a theory exam with an interpreter. You will have to arrange and pay for the interpreter yourself. You may only hire interpreters that are approved by the CBR.

A sign interpreter may also be arranged outside those approved interpreting agencies, for example, a family member.

*Only the CBR theory exam passenger car can be taken in English without an interpreter.

Making your own online booking

Booking the exam yourself is usually the easiest and cheapest. Be sure you do this directly at the CBR. Make sure you have applied for a DigiD first. You will not be able to book the exam without a DigiD.

Login at the CBR

Booking through the driving school

Instead of booking the theory exam yourself, you can usually also have the driving school book a theory exam for you. They often charge a small, extra fee for this. If you prefer to have your theory exam booked by your driving school, you will have to contact your driving school yourself. A driving school can only book the theory exam (for a car, motorcycle or moped) for you if you have authorised them to do so.

Changing the date and time

If the booked day or time is not convenient for you, you may change it. Is the theory exam in more than seven days? Then you may reschedule the exam to an earlier or later date and time. Of course, there must be space available. Is your theory exam within seven days? Then you may only move the exam to a different date and time if there is space available.

Changes can be made online (if you have made an online booking) or via your driving school (if you had the driving school book it for you).

Cancelling the theory exam

You cannot cancel a booked theory exam unless you have a very good reason, for example, in case of illness or death. However, you must have proof of this. Are you so ill, for example, that you cannot take a theory exam? If so, you will have to ask your family doctor for a doctor's note.

How-to guide for online booking

To book via, you need DigiD. You can log in with your username and password, or via the DigiD app.

1. Go to and log in with DigiD.

1 Go to and log in with DigiD

2. Choose 'examen reserveren of wijzigen' (book or change an exam).

2 Choose 'examen reserveren of wijzigen'

3. Go through all the steps and choose a date and exam location.

4. Pay for your theory exam with IDEAL.

Attention: your booking is only confirmed once you have paid.

4 Pay for your theory exam with IDEAL

5. You will receive an invitation letter by e-mail.

5 You will receive an invitation letter by e-mail