Applying for a supervisor pass

If you are participating in 2toDrive and want to drive a passenger car before your 18th birthday, you will need a supervisor pass. You may apply for this pass from the age of 16.5. Your coaches must sign up first. Visit (Dutch only) to find all the information you need.

You can apply for the supervisor pass as soon as all your coaches have registered. You will need to have applied for the supervisor pass before you can apply for a driving licence from your municipality.

  1. All coaches and you must have a DigiD.
  2. All coaches register themselves as coaches at the RDW (Dutch only).
  3. After all the coaches have registered, you apply for the supervisor pass at the RDW (Dutch only).
  4. The pass will be sent to your home within 10 working days.
  5. Once you have applied for a supervisor pass and passed your practical exam, you can apply for your driving licence at the municipality.
Supervisor pass 2toDrive front
Supervisor pass 2toDrive back