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Almost everyone underestimates the difficulty of the CBR theory exam. At the CBR, less than half of the people who do the exam fails! Because you have to have know about a lot of different things.

When you study with iTheorie, you will pass! You will go through all the theory materials step by step, alternating between test questions and practice exams. All at your own pace. This way, you will know for sure that you know all the theory materials, and that you will remember them.

iTheorie recommends doing your theory exam at the start of your driving course. You will know all the traffic rules you need to go through your driving lessons smoothly.

The test exam consists of a series of exam questions. You could expect these questions to be in the real CBR theory exam.

Are you curious how well you know the traffic theory already? Do the free test exam and find out!

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How does our exam system work?

Read out loud, font, extra time and colours

Before you start the theory exam, you can indicate if you want the exam to be read out loud, have a font suitable for dyslexia, have an extended or individual exam (with more time) or if you want to adapt the colour scheme.

Our test environment

Uitleg theorie examen auto
  1. Remaining time to answer
  2. Current question number and total number of questions in the current section
  3. Button to go to the previous question (when allowed)
  4. Button to go to the next question (when allowed)
  5. Toolkit (with resources to help)
  6. Mark question (when allowed)
  7. Call overview screen (when allowed)
  8. Exit theory exam