Study recommendations for the passenger car theory course

Most people fail the CBR theory exam because they did not practise enough. With iTheorie, you not only get all the theory materials, but you will also practise with the help of thousands of exam questions. You will be prepared for the real CBR exam step by step.

During your iTheorie course, iTheorie will adapt according to your results. The digital coach tells you which section to practise next. If you keep to the order your coach recommends, you will follow the shortest and best route to a successful CBR theory exam!

Passing the passenger car theory exam

With iTheorie, you study for the CBR theory exam quickly. How quick, depends on what you already know and how fast you can learn. You can study thepassenger car theory within a day. But you can also study in a relaxing manner. You decide how much time you spend on it, per week. If you follow your personal study recommendation, we definitely know that you will pass the passenger car theory exam!

Preparing for the CBR passenger car theory exam

You start off the course with studying a little piece of theory. If you have covered that, you get a set of practice questions to see if you remember what you have learned. According to those results, your digital coach will direct you to the next section. This can be a video lesson, a piece from the e-book or a test. After you have covered all the theory, you will continue on to the theory exams.

Do you make too many mistakes in a specific subject during those theory exams? Then too will your digital coach redirect you to revise the subjects that you find hard. This way you go through the theory materials in no time.

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