Passing the CBR theory exam

iTheorie is set up in such a way that you can endlessly practice the sections that you find difficult. If you go through the iTheorie course entirely, you will be completely ready for the real theory exam. With iTheorie you almost have to pass in one go. But of course there can be many things at play that can make you not be at your best. If you unexpectedly fail, iTheorie will help you back up.

Free refresher course

In that case you can activate the the free refresher course. You can use this for a maximum of 90 days. With the help of practice exams we can see where you still have trouble with the material and revise those sections. If a practice exam shows us that you need to revise a section of the theory, you will be automatically redirected to that.

Passing your theory exam quickly

The refresher course is aimed at helping you get ready for your CBR theory exam resit. Without having to go through the entire course. You will only revise the sections where you failed. This way you will be ready to go back to the CBR in no time.

Want to take a free test exam?

Do the free test exam and know where you are with your theory knowledge!