Learning CBR passenger car theory

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Practise passenger car theory online

You will not be faced with surprises at the CBR theory exam with iTheory. We offer the complete theory material according to the layout from the CBR. You will get short sections of lesson material, which will be closed with a few questions. This way you will immediately know if you really understand the material you have just studied. You will only continue to the next section when you really know the previous section. You will not get new information if you are not ready for it yet. This way, you go through the materials very easily and you have a better overview. And the most important: if you have gone through everything, you are, in fact, completely ready for the CBR passenger car theory exam. Sounds great right?

Learning car theory

Besides that, you will also get an online theory course via iTheorie. By studying the car theory well, you will be well prepared when doing the theory exam. With our course, you will learn the theory in an educational yet fun way. The theory lessons will be given by theory instructors to which you can also ask questions about the car theory. The theory course passenger car consists of 8 theory lessons, each lasts about an hour. You will follow the car theory lessons digitally via the iTheorie platform on either your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Practising car theory

Have you done all the chapters and subtests and did you follow all the theory lessons? Then the time has come to practise what you have learnt with practice exams. You have as many as 50 different practice exams to choose from and they all work the same as the real CBR theory exam. And if you make too many mistakes in one subject? Then iTheorie will have you revise the subjects where you still seem to struggle, before letting you do another practice exam. If you practise the car theory this way, you will be completely ready for the CBR theory exam. Sounds great right?

Contents of an iTheorie package

iTheorie is a complete package. It contains everything you need to pass your theory exam.

Complete theory materials

You will learn the complete theory in eight theory chapters as with the CBR. These chapters are divided in short lesson blocks with clear texts, illustrations, schemes and pictures.

38 Sets of practice questions

In between the theory sections you will practice what you have learnt with 38 sets of practice questions. You will know immediately if you understand the studied materials.

9 Theory lessons

Via iTheorie you will get an online theory course from a theory teacher. During the theory lessons you can also ask questions to the teacher.

9 Tests

After every chapter you will get a test. According to the result of a test, a plan of action will be made. This can either be revising the current chapter again or continuing on to the next chapter.

50 Practice exams

Lastly, you will practise complete exams in the same way you would make a CBR theory exam. After every exam there will be an assessment on what to do. This can either be revising a chapter or continuing on to a new theory exam.


Want to take a free test exam?

Do the free test exam and know where you are with your theory knowledge!

Benefits of iTheorie

You learn at your own pace

You are able to stop and continue whenever you want. Our digital coach will guide the way!

Learn where you want

You can use iTheorie on your laptop, tablet and smartphone. on the road and want to practice on your smartphone? No problem. Do you want to sit on the couch and use your tablet? Also possible. And of course you can also use your laptop or desktop. You are not bound to one device. you can log in on every device and continue where you left off. The only thing you do need is an internet connection.

Read-aloud function

All theory material (including tests and exams) can be read out loud without needing extra devices. extremely handy when you have trouble reading because you have, for example, dyslexia.

Extended or individual exams

When you plan on taking an extended or individual theory exam, because you suffer from, for example, fear of failure. Then you can also practise the theory exams with extra time (with as much time as you would get at the CBR).

Free refresher course

We are convinced you will pass the first time when using iTheorie. But, it can happen that you had a bad day. Even then, we will help you and you can use the free refresher course.

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How does iTheorie work?

Learning the theory

You will start with learning the theory. the material is divided into the eight official CBR subjects. these main subjects are then divided into small manageable pieces of learning materials. the theory material is fitted with clear illustrations and images. the material can also be read to you (as any other content). After every theory section you will get a set of practice questions.

Practice questions

With the help of practice questions you will immediately know of you understand the material you have just gone through. There are a total of more than 30 sets of practice questions. You will see if you have answered the question correctly immediately after. Did you answer a question incorrectly? Then you will also get a broad explanation. After you have finished the set of questions, you will continue to the next section of the theory. This way, you go through the theory material step by step.


You will round off every subject with a test. You will get eight tests with the passenger car theory course. these tests work in the same way a real theory exam, with the exception that you will only get questions about the chapter's covered materials. Have you not mastered this yet? Then you will be guided through this subject again. Did you pass the test? Then you can continue on to the next subject.

Practising theory exams

After you have passed the last test, you will start practising theory exams. There are a total of 50 theory exams. These work the same way as the real CBR theory exam. This way, you will be completely ready for the real CBR theory exam. After every exam you will, besides the results, also see where you made mistakes. Did you make too many mistakes on one particular subject? Then you will be redirected to that subject to revise it.

Refresher course

iTheorie is set up in such a way that you almost have to pass. But sometimes luck just is not on your side. In that case, too, iTheorie offers you a helping hand. You can activate the refresher course for free. After activating the course, you can use iTheorie again for three months.

Are you going for the CBR theory exam?Order iTheorie now!

Hazard perception

The first part of the CBR theory exam consists of hazard perception. This part is, according to students, the hardest. Because, how do you know which answer to choose? During the course we will explain to you in a clear and simple way, what you need to pay attention to, to get to the right answer. And of course, these questions will also appear in the passenger car practice exams.



You can drive a car a year earlier with the 2toDrive scheme. In the Netherlands, you are allowed to drive under supervision from the day of your 17th birthday. If you want to use this scheme, you can also go to iTheorie for your theory.


Obtaining your driving licence

To obtain your driving licence you have to do a theory exam and a practical exam. But to be able to do that, there are lot of things you need to do first. Luckily, you can practice the theory right here with us. But which driving school do you choose? And how to you book a theory exam at the CBR?

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