In the Netherlands, you are allowed to take the practical exam from the age of 17. Once you have obtained your driving licence, you will drive with a coach until your 18th birthday. This can be your father or mother, or someone else who has had a driving licence for at least 5 years, is at least 27 years of age and has not committed major traffic violations. You can sign up to five coaches.

You are allowed to start with driving lessons from the age of 16.5 and take the practical exam from the age of 17. did you pass, do you have your driving licence and your supervisor pass? Then you are allowed to drive under supervision of one of your coaches.

Keep in mind that 2toDrive is only applicable in the Netherlands. You are not allowed to drive in a foreign country (not even if your coach is with you) if you are not 18 yet.

With 2toDrive you will gain a lot of driving experience under relatively safe conditions. This way you will be a confident driver. And do you turn 18? Then you are allowed to drive on your own!

Studying for the theory

From the age of 16, you are allowed to take the CBR theory exam. The theory certificate that you will receive when you pass the theory exam is valid for 1.5 years. Make sure that you pass the practical exam within this time, otherwise you will have to redo the theory exam. And that would be a waste!

Following 2toDrive driving lessons

Are you between the age of 16.5 and 17? Then you can start following driving lessons at a driving school. You can go to every driving school for 2toDrive. You will follow driving lessons like everyone else and you will do the normal practical exam. And if you pass, you will get a real driving licence (you do not have you exchange your driving licence when you turn 18).

But do you want to drive, with that licence, before you turn 18? Then you are only allowed to drive in the Netherlands and under supervision of a coach. You can find more information on the website 2todrive.nl.

Want to take a free test exam?

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