How long can you use iTheorie?

iTheorie has no fixed time limit for use. For example, there is no time limit that you can only learn for 20 hours or 2 weeks. Each access code does have an end date associated with it. Usually this is about 3 years after purchase. After that date, your code expires and you can no longer learn.

iTheorie is a course you go through. You start by learning the theory. That consists of a self-study section with tests and theory lessons via a livestream. You can do all these once. After that, you start practising exams. Do you make too many mistakes in an exam? Then that subject will reopen and you will have to study again before you can take the next exam.

If you have done all the exams, you can do them all again with the free refresher course. You can use this course up to 3 months after activating it.