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Also available from the better driving schools. Ask your driving school if they work with iTheorie.

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Studying for the CBR theory exam

Traffic theory can be hard sometimes. That is why iTheorie has developed a personal route. You will be guided step by step from start to finish.

You can turn the sound on and off

Do you already know a lot about a certain subject? Then, less attention will be given to that subject. This way, there will be more time for the subjects you find harder. This way you pass your CBR theory exam for car, motorcycle* and moped* as quickly as possible.

iTheorie knows exactly which theory materials could be in the CBR theory exam. We cut those materials up into small pieces. The lesson materials will be clearly explained to you and is provided with clear illustrations, schemes and images. After you have studied a section, you will get a series of practice questions with which you can test if you know the studied materials. Depending on your results, follow-up steps in your education will be made.

When you have covered all the theory materials, you will start practising with practice exams. These practice exams work in the exact same way the real CBR theory exam works. You can even practise with extra time, just like an extended or individual theory exam. And if the results of your practice exam show that you need to revise a section of the theory, then we will redirect you to that section of theory immediately. All in all, we will only stop when you are completely ready for the CBR theory exam. This way you will have to pass!

* The courses motorcycle and moped are only available in Dutch.

Are you going for the CBR theory exam?Order iTheorie now!

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Suitable for laptop, tablet and smartphone

iTheorie is suitable to study at any time of day. You can also use iTheorie on every (modern) device. It does not matter to us if you would rather use a laptop, tablet or smartphone to study. For example, you could use your phone to practise theory exams when you are on the road and continue on your laptop when you get home. You can switch devices as many times as you would like.

Are you going for the CBR theory exam?Order iTheorie now!
Laptop, tablet and smartphone
Laptop, tablet and smartphone

Learning theory via iTheorie

Pass quickly

Made in such a way that you will pass your theory exam in the quickest way.

CBR proof

With us you practise theory exams in the exact same way as the CBR theory exam.

100% up-to-date

We update the course with the newest laws and legislations daily.

Study the way you want

Decide for yourself when and where you study. On a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

50 Complete practice exams

Practise thousands of unique and up-to-date theory questions in 50 theory exams

Suitable for dyslexia

All learning and practice materials can be read out loud to you.

Made by professionals

iTheorie is part of the biggest publisher of traffic learning recourses.

Recommended by driving schools

All of the better driving schools in the Netherlands work with our theory recourses.

Car theory

Study your car theory easily and pass for the CBR theory exam quickly? Then you are at the right address here. On iTheorie you will study the theory for your driving course step by step. Besides that you can practise with a lot of complete practice theory exams that work in the exact same way as the CBR theory exam.

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Obtaining your driving licence

To obtain your driving licence you have to do a theory exam and a practical exam. But to be able to do that, there are lot of things you need to do first. Luckily, you can practice the theory right here with us. But which driving school do you choose? And how to you book a theory exam at the CBR?

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